Italy 150.

In this page you'll find some informations about the 150-years anniversary of Italian unification.
We're going to celebrate it with special events, movies, parties. You could recognize all those events on the blog by the label "Italy 150".

The Risorgimento has been a milestone in the Italian story: a period rich of cultural changes, illuminated men who firmly believed in the necessity of a reunification of the Italian country under a single nation.
Until the 1861, infact, Italy was divided into several different states, each one controlled by a different power. An actual national consciousness was far from realizing, and a National Unification was an achievement to reach with many efforts.
After centuries of foreign domination Italy started thinking about its indipendence ant its autonomy in the early decades of the XIX century.  After a few attempts of inserruction, the First and the Second Indipendence wars (1848-1849 and 1859) lead Italians nearer the reunification.
Three were the most important figures of this period: Garibaldi, who leads a big expedition of 1000 volunteers, Cavour, a fine politic who supported the unification issues of the Italian people and Giuseppe Mazzini, the philosopher that first dreamed and tried to realize a unified Italy.

After 150 years Italy is proud to remember those years, and the men that made the birth of a nation possible. All over the world there'll be events, celebrations, round tables in honor of this important anniversary.

Here you can find Roberto Benigni explaining what Risorgimento was, and reading and explaining our National Anthem.
Enjoy the comedy meeting history and poetry.